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I coasted my bike into the dealers first thing Tuesday morning. Stef followed and we parked and introduced ourselves to the head salesman. The prices offered for the bikes werenít great but they were cash up front and amazingly didnít require anyone to listen to my bike running. (Though it took a visit to another dealer for us to be convinced that we weren't being entirely ripped off!) I lost 2000 dollars on my bike (As did I, poo!) but gained memories for a lifetime, it seemed a fair trade. The bike trip had ended but there was the matter of a days riding left to do...

I donít know if you are aware of the true off road capacity of a typical rented Mitsubishi Lancer...

The Pacific ocean and trails end, even if we did get there by car

Unbelievably within 5 miles of leaving Medford for the coast the front right tyre punctured. The irony of this certainly wasnít lost on us as we extracted the spare and jack from the boot of the car. We sweated a little before the job was complete but marvelled at the technology called air conditioning as we returned to the car and drove onward. In true ĎTransAm Trialí fashion the remaining 200 miles took us 7 hours and involved over 300 miles of driving, mostly lost in 100% tree covered mountain trails. The space saver tyre didnít puncture despite our best rally driving attempts and eventually we did reach the sea. I was sad not to have my bike with me, but knew that the job was complete. We returned to the motel late in the evening happy that we had at least made the effort to see the end

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