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Saturday morning we returned to pick up our bikes. The days rafting followed by a few beers and much TV watching meant I felt ready for the last 1500 miles of riding. Fred's advice to us was sobering. Most of it seemed to revolve around us dieing in the baking desert if we didn't have any number of 'essential' items. It was a sobering message and put into perspective the remoteness of our route ahead. A look at Jon's map of the US showed a disturbing gap between Moab, Utah and well, California...It was a little like France being blank on a map of Europe. We assured Fred that we had the necessary equipment for the job and thanked him for his efforts and concerns. Stopping here was not an option.

His advice to me regarding my bike problem was even more worrying, as an expert on Honda bikes his comments were not what I wanted to hear. 'Sell it and buy another one, its knackered' . Hmmmm... I certainly didn't have the money to swap the bike or the time to purchase and prepare another one. The dancing skeletons team were really hotting things up down there and as usual my options were few. As loud as the problems were the engine wasn't loosing power, and I had noticed no other side effects. I decided to rationalise things. Would I set out from Manchester to ride to the south of France with no spares, or support, off road on a 'bike sounding this bad? No chance...

The canyons from the slopes of the La Sal mountains

I didn't do a great deal most of Saturday. We had to move rooms at the hotel as our three bed palace was booked for the night by somebody else, so it was back to service as usual with two beds and a floor space. After that I had a wander around Moab and watched TV. Jon was busy fitting yet another power supply to his bike for his GPS, his third up to that point. He kept destroying the things somehow, possibly by vibration or heat, we don't know but they died on a regular basis

The view from the mouth of Bull Canyon

In the early evening I decided to ride out of town and see if I could get any respectable pictures of the surroundings. I chose to retrace the route that we had come in on when returning from rafting the previous day, so I rode about 30 miles up highway 128 towards Bull Canyon. On the way I got distracted by a side road that went off into the La Sal mountains, which I followed for a while until I started to reach the Manti La Sal forest at which point landscape photo's weren't really going to work, so I turned round and rode back to the main road. The only two pictures I acually took you can see here. By the time I'd taken the second one, the light was starting to fade so I figured I'd best be getting back. Later we all went for another meal in the same restaurant as the previous night and a couple more drinks in the same bar before retiring at a modest hour to prepare for an early start in the morning

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