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The part was ordered on Monday morning and I all I had to do was wait for a replacement on Tuesday at 11am (or so they told me...)

The Mall...

After dispensing with breakfast in the motel, Jon and I made our way a few hundred metres down the road to Wallgreens pharmacy, principally because I needed to get something for my feet which had begun to rot in the heat. Inside, a particularly chatty sales assistant (or associate as the Americans seem to like to call them) informed us, when questioned, that Bartlesville had a mall some two miles down the road. So it was that we set off in search of this mall to see what it had to offer. Given that we were walking, the first thing we noticed was the distinct lack of any real provision for pedestrians. Pavements (sidewalks) are sporadic at best and disappear in all the most inconvenient places, like around the major junctions in the road, that sort of thing... The second thing we noticed was that being nearly noon it was bloody hot and there was no shade for the forty five minutes or so it took to get there. So hot was it in fact that we ducked into something laughably described as a sports centre, which consisted of a few ten pin bowling lanes and some computer games. To think, we'd been expecting gym's, swimming pools and the like, all we found of any interest was air hockey so we killed a few minutes playing that and then carried on our way.

The mall itself, when we finally arrived, was not overwhelming in any way as one might expect an American mall to be, The mall, Bartlesville but at least the air conditioning was welcome and it had a cinema. I cannot recommend Hollywood Homicide as a 'must see' film, but if you happen to be stuck in Bartlesville on a Monday afternoon with nothing to do, it's not at all bad... After the journey back to the motel, we resolved not to do any more of that foolish walking malarkey again until we were somewhere cooler

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