Site Navigation Notes

1. To enter the site from the index page, click on one of the four images around the No2. logo

2. To get back to the index page from any other page, click on the No2. logo in the bottom left of the page

3. To navigate to any of the subject areas listed in the menu's (top left in each page), click on the text of the menu entry

4. To see comments on a picture in a diary page, hold your mouse over the picture for a short while and a text box will appear

5. To navigate within the Diary and Gallery section's there are image links in the title bar at the top right of each day's entry. They are, in order:

Previous - Go to the previous day's page

Top - Go to the Introduction page (i.e. the first or top page)

End - Go to the last day's page

Next - Go to the next day's page