South America Transam trail
Trans America Trail 2003

June 2003 saw Dave and Stef meet up with Jon Russel in the states for a ride of some 4500 miles from Tennessee to Oregon on the Trans America Trail. Not everything went entirely to plan but a good time was had by all in the end. Click here to go to the trip pages. or click a link below to go directly to the diary page for that day

P.S. Text in bold italic, blame Stef. Everything else, blame Dave...

Saturday 14th June - New Orleans Louisiana

Sunday 15th June - Madison Mississippi

Monday 16th June - Columbia Tennessee

Tuesday 17th June - Selmer Tennessee

Wednesday 18th June - Lula Mississippi

Thursday 19th June - Clinton Arkansas

Friday 20th June - Fayetteville Arkansas

Saturday 21st June - Fayetteville Arkansas

Sunday 22nd June - Bartlesville Oklahoma

Monday 23rd June - Bartlesville Oklahoma

Tuesday 24th June - Bartlesville Oklahoma

Wednesday 25th June - Alva Oklahoma

Thursday 26th June - Dodge City Kansas

Friday 27th June - Ulysses Kansas

Saturday 28th June - Trinidad Colorado

Sunday 29th June - Trinidad Colorado

Monday 30th June - Westcliffe Colorado

Tuesday 1st July - Gunnison Colorado

Wednesday 2nd July - Monticello Utah

Thursday 3rd July - Moab Utah

Friday 4th July - Moab Utah

Saturday 5th July - Moab Utah

Sunday 6th July - Richfield Utah

Monday 7th July - Baker Nevada

Tuesday 8th July - Eureka Nevada

Wednesday 9th July - Battle Mountain Nevada

Thursday 10th July - Denio Junction Nevada

Friday 11th July - Lake View Oregon

Saturday 12th July - Gilchrist Oregon

Sunday 13th July - Medford Oregon

Monday 14th July - Medford Oregon

Tuesday 15th July - Medford Oregon

Wednesday 16th July - Portland Oregon

Thusrday 17th July - New Orleans Louisiana

Friday 18th July - New Orleans Louisiana

Saturday 19th July - Manchester UK